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OKTAL-SE and Synopsis Corporation have signed an exclusive agreement for the development of advanced solutions for virtual testing of radar and electronic warfare systems.




Industrial partners help us to stick to the end-user needs and to propose relevant solutions in terms of performance and cost. In this way, OKTAL-SE products are continuously enhanced to keep up to date with the market.

In 2013, MBDA and OKTAL-SE has signed a partnership agreement that rewards more than 20 years of collaboration :

MBDA-OKTAL-SE Press Release


Industrial partners

AV Simulation

OKTAL-SE and  AV SIMULATION (Autonomous Vehicle Simulation) sister company havesigned an exclusive agreement for the development of a coupled version of SCANeR® and SE-Workbench.


Scientific laboratories

Scientific laboratories have been involved since the beginning of the OKTAL-SE products development to take advantage of state of the art of physics models and to perform validation test bench using experimental campaigns.

  • ONERA (France). Partnership with DEMR and DCSD.
  • Fraunhofer IOSB (Germany). Partnership since 2006.
  • FOI (Sweden)

Software partners

Software partners embed our sensor rendering engine to add value to their end-user application and to ensure the validity of their simulation.


Since 2013, the Canadian company Tactical Technologies Inc. (TTI) and OKTAL-SE have started a technical and strategic partnership in view to couple their technological bricks and to provide customers with enhanced modelling and simulation tools for electronic attack and protection development.

This fruitful collaboration produced the release of a new product ASM(IR)+ for Anti-Ship Missile Imaging Infrared Homing [embeds IR Synthetic Environment powered by OKTAL-SE].