Human interpretation

Sensor vision is at the key point of the system

Wherever the decision making relies on visual awareness, sensor vision is at the key point of the system.

In such an application, the human interpretation of the situation depends highly on the information displayed by the sensor images.

Operator training is the opportunity to increase the reliability of such an interpretation.

Trainers can trust the realistic and the physically based sensor rendering provided by the OKTAL-SE tools to explore all the possible scenarios and deeply analyze them.


Pilot training




Mission rehearsal

Flight simulation

Pilot training

Flight simulation is the opportunity for pilot to hone their skills by exploring a wide range of situations.

Weather conditions, runway lights, airport infrastructures, geography, instructors can play with all these parameters to increase the trainees experience in a safe environment.

Aircraft cockpits integrate more and more sensor vision so the simulation needs to be able to provide a realistic sensor rendering of the 3D scene in Infrared and Radar domains.

The fast multi-sensor approach proposed by OKTAL-SE coupled with the cutting edge multi-channel display technology lead to an unrivalled product for modern training simulator using sensors.

reliable simulation


Target identification using infrared or radar images can be challenging due to various parameters like weather conditions, surrounding environment, motion of the target and of the sensor, stealth techniques.

A reliable simulation approach is needed to play with all those features and to train people in photo-interpretation

Mission planning

Mission rehearsal

Simulation helps the user to prepare a military mission (Mission planning) then to repeat the mission and train forces (Mission rehearsal).

SE-Workbench aims at choosing the relevant sensors and their best configuration.

The associated scenarios can be optimized with regards to the time of day, weather condition, type of environment, counter measures…