Solution finder for physics based sensor simulation

OKTAL Synthetic Environment (OKTAL-SE) was created in 2001 by its Chief Executive Officer Mr. Jean LATGER as an emanation of the OKTAL company created in 1989. Today, OKTAL-SE is part of the SOGECLAIR Group located in Toulouse-France. Our company is a human-sized structure that ensures a high reactivity and a customer focused attitude.

Our purpose is to provide customers with state of the art multi-sensor simulation software and services. Thanks to the reliability and the performance of our modeling and simulation COTS products, OKTAL-SE has become an international reference in terms of synthetic environment rendering software in both Electro-Optic (Visible, Infrared) and Radio-Frequency (Radar, GNSS) domains.

In more than 15 countries, our customers trust the OKTAL-SE simulation software as the reference and the cost effective solution to design, develop and qualify any embedded sensor system.

Since its creation, OKTAL-SE has built long term relationships with National defense agencies and key players in the aerospace and defense market

In the Electro-Optics and Radio-Frequency domains, the OKTAL-SE engineering tools have proved their validity and their efficiency on major industrial programs (SCALP, AASM) and we are still supporting our customers all along their projects by providing them with the best of our technology and experience.

Our commitment: getting the most out of sensor simulation for your final application.