RF Sensor Physical Rendering

OKTAL-SE has developed with French ONERA labs support, an asymptotic EM kernel combining Geometrical Optics and Physical Optics for surfaces and edges, for EM high frequencies domain. This validated approach allows to address various applications such as RCS, ISAR, RBGM and SAR.



SE-RAY-EM takes advantage of the recent improvements in the field of 3D graphics (General Purpose GPU ray tracing) to compute the EM fields in a synthetic environment whose 3D mock-up can be made of several millions polygons, including complex objects and targets.

fic_pdfflyer SE-RAY-EM


SE-RAY-RCS is a dedicated declination of the SE-RAY-EM kernel. It enables the calculation of complex targets RCS coupled with their close environment.

fic_pdfflyer SE-RAY-RCS


SE-RAY-RADAR is a dedicated application to RBGM radar computing (Real Beam Ground Mapping) of complex 3D scenes. Two computation modes are available: CPU and GPU. The GPU version is optimized in terms of calculation performance.


This tool computes an ideal Synthetic Aperture Radar images, using a simplified SAR treatment model, while computing a high quality reflectivity map. SE-RAY-NBSAR (Narrow Beam Synthetic Aperture Radar) generated images of very complex target objects at high frequency (up to 100 GHz), using state of the art ray-tracing and electromagnetic algorithms.

fic_pdfflyer SE-RAY-NBSAR


SE-RAY-SAR simulates SAR signal. It is based on scenarios and trajectories created with SE-SCENARIO. SE-RAY-SAR provides SAR raw data. Images of the reflectivity maps can also be generated and visualized.

fic_pdfflyer SE-RAY-SAR