Pierre-francois Peyrard

Massive SAR images production

OKTAL-SE proposes a dedicated tool to create realistic SAR images of complex 3D scenes (including interaction of objects with the background) in a short time process.This tool is fully compatible with the complete SE-WORKBENCH-RF. https://youtu.be/UPSErwHdVQw

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SAR Learning data package

How to generate numerous SAR labelled images that can be injected in Deep Learning algorithm? It requires : – a large number of targets – a large number of backgrounds – an automatic process to modify positions and orientations of targets and radar – a validated physics based EM computation kernel OKTAL-SE has released a

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User Group Meeting 2018

Thank you to all the participants of this 3 days event that was held in Aeroscopia Museum of Toulouse. An unique opportunity to review all the recent developments of the OKTAL-SE simulation tool suite and to discuss about the next year roadmap. SE-WORKBENCH users have also presented their feed back on various applications and took

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