Real-Time EO Sensor rendering

Computing sensor rendering image in a real-time mode is required for a wide range of application. The strength of the OKTAL-SE solution relies on the combination of both high performance rate and compliance with fully validated EO rendering.



SE-FAST-IR: Thanks to thermal and radiative preprocessing, SE-FAST-IR computes spectral infrared images from visible to far infrared wavelength, in real time. It is based on the rasterization technique and uses the GPU pixel shader technique in order to accelerate the rendering.

fic_pdfflyer SE-FAST-IR


SE-FAST-HWIL is the real time Image Generator package designed to deliver high realistic infrared (IR) images at very high frame rates (200Hz and above) in a closed loop mode. It sends images either to an IR projector (Projection mode) or directly to an HW Unity Under Test (Injection mode).

fic_pdfflyer SE-FAST-HWIL


SE-FAST-IG is a real-time Image Generator application designed to compute high realism multi channels images for visible, infrared (IR) and Night Vision Goggle (NVG) simulations. SE-FAST-IG provides visualization at 60 Hz frame rate of geographically expansive and detailed 3D virtual worlds, dynamic moving models, weather conditions and special effects.

fic_pdfflyer SE-FAST-IG


SE-IR-SENSOR is a library of first order modelling of generic optronic sensor technology. This library eases the way to integrate sensor effects in the advanced scene generator. The user can create its own sensor configuration file and can load it in the SE-IR-SENSOR process to apply automatically his sensor effects.

fic_pdfflyer SE-IR-SENSOR