Atmospheric & thermal modeling

The radiance of a material seen by an infrared sensor highly depends on the surrounding atmosphere. This characterization requires a wide set of data, managed through a single interface to get the relevant information for both thermal and radiative effects.



This tool takes into account the atmospheric conditions, the ephemerid, user defined atmospheric profiles and all the generation parameters needed to calculate sky radiance (with Sun and Moon) and transmission values. The software contains a proprietary model of propagation and can also operate with MODTRANTM third party code.

fic_pdfflyer SE-ATMOSPHERE


This tool predicts the temperature of 3D surfaces at pixel level. It computes all the possible thermal states of a scene at a given time of the day for given atmospheric conditions. The tool takes into account the history of thermal and atmospheric conditions for thermal shadow effects computation.

fic_pdfFlyer SE-THERMAL


Radtherm/TAIThermTM third party code enables to improve the thermal prediction of ground vehicles and to simulate their coupling with the synthetic environment.