Special Effects

Increasing the realism of 3D scene rendering requires the simulation of complex phenomena such as clouds, flares, lights, sea wakes,… Dedicated add-ons can be plugged on our packaged solutions to enhance their capabilities with respect to your specific needs.

Examples of additional features :

  • Sea modeling
  • Wakes
  • Foam
  • Clouds layers
  • 3D clouds
  • Flares
  • Blasts
  • Vapor trails
  • Lights
  • Exhaust plume
  • Lightning strike




This module is particularly meant to show users how to create “functional special effects” (complete special effects such as an explosion, landing lights on a landing strip, car lights, etc.) from “elementary effects” (such as particle systems for flares, clouds,…).



SE-SEA provides state of the art dynamic representation of the sea profile and the interaction with floating objects and coast.

fic_pdfflyer SE-SEA


Our solution can be integrated in your application through a dedicated API “Application Programming Interface”. It provides the user with the maximum assistance while integrating HardWare and Software In the simulation Loop (HWIL-SWIL) without having to recompile or adapt the application code.

fic_pdfflyer SE-TOOLKIT


SE-PLUME, extension of the fic_pdf  SE-Workbench-EO, is the most advanced and validated solution on the market to compute aircraft infrared signatures (gas turbine plume).

fic_pdfflyer SE-PLUME


The Image Based Rendering is a methodology that allows integrating the 3D spectral rendering (in OKTAL-SE EO solution) of an object for which the initial description relies on images (real or synthetic). This approach is well adapted to the plume modeling.