SE-SEA Module

SE-SEA is an advanced sea modeling module developed to manage sea interaction with its environment: Coasts, ships, seabed and wind effects. SE-SEA embeds the Swan model which is the best third-generation wave model to compute random, short-crested wind-generated waves in coastal regions.

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SE-FAST-SAR is a GP GPU based solution whose physical model (SE-RAY-EM kernel) produces first order credible SAR images which integrate the main effects of a true SAR image such as: Range gate based image (with overlapping effect) Clutter coherency Dielectric or metallic dihedron effects Dielectric or metallic trihedron effects Finite impulse response


Wind Turbines radar environment simulation

How to Assess the Potential Impact of Wind Turbines on Surveillance Sensors using SE-Workbench-RF simulation software. The simulation can be used to study the impact of wind turbines on the radar environment, close to airports for example.In this case, RCS of wind turbines at 10GHz are computed with different attitudes using SE-RAY-EM software. As an

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Active domain

The Active Domain part of the OKTAL-SE SE-Workbench software applies to laser simulation. The laser simulation is devoted to the rendering of a synthetic environment illuminated by a laser source. SE-WORKBENCH-AD takes advantage of SE-WORKBENCH-EO and SE-WORKBENCH-RF approaches: It takes into account the complex EO radiative transfer equation using sophisticated models of BRDF and atmospheric

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