Simulation of active and passive infrared images using the SE-Workbench

SPIE 2007

The SE-WORKBENCH workshop, also called CHORALE ("simulated Optronic Acoustic Radar battlefield"), is used by the French MoD/DGA to perform multi-sensors simulations by creating virtual realistic multi spectral 3D scenes and then generating the signal received by a sensor. Taking advantage of developments made in the frame of Radar simulation, CHORALE is currently enhanced with new functionalities in order to tackle the "active" problem, involving new generation of infrared sensors such as laser radars. This article aims at presenting the challenges for simulating simultaneously passive IR imagery of a full terrain and active imagery especially on targets. We insist on duality and differences concerning in particular monochromatic/coherent waves versus incoherent waves, BRDF modeling taking into account surface roughness, polarization effects, Doppler effects.