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Evaluation of a GNSS receiver performance in different multipath environments with a novel real-time multipath simulation system

Download PDF ION2017
Multipath can be one of the main sources of error in a GNSS receiver in urban environment. Multipath errors can vary from a few meters to hundreds of meters according to the geometry of the satellites and environmental conditions, in particular buildings. The characterization and study of multipath is complex but important when its effects need to be compensated in a GNSS receiver, e.g. for positioning purposes. The disruption of the antenna surrounding environment in the GNSS received signal can be assessed in simulation. In fact, simulations are a powerful tool to test the performances of GNSS systems and services in controlled and repeatable conditions. Furthermore, simulations provide users with a method to characterize the multipath, to study and test advanced and new techniques for multipath rejection, to evaluate the reception in a given location and at a specific time (i.e. mission planning), and to simplify the analysis of specific events (i.e. for mission debriefing).

Multi Sensors simulation for missile applications

Download PDF IAMD2017
Guidance of missiles relies on sensors which performance is very dependent on environments and atmospheric onditions. Visible cameras are veryefficient for diurnal fine weather conditions, long wave infrared sensors for night vision and radar systems for seeing through atmosphere and foliage. Besides, multi sensors systems combining several collocated sensors provide better efficiency. But such sophisticated systems are all the more difficult to design and qualify. So multi sensors simulation is highly required as illustrated in this paper.

OKTAL-SE : Environnement Synthetique et Simulation des capteurs Electro-Optiques et RADAR

Download PDF Le Jaune et la Rouge
Editeur de logiciels pour la defense et l'aeronautique, OKTAL-SE propose une solution de creation d'environnements synthetiques pour l'etude des capteurs Electro-optiques et Radiofrequence. Cette technologie duale est en pleine evolution avec l'emploi croissant des capteurs dans l'aeronautique, l'automobile et la securite. Mise en lumiere par Jean Latger et Thierry Cathala Cofondateurs de la societe.

Raw data simulation of large scale environments including complex targets for synthetic SAR image generation

Download PDF PIERS2017
Synthetic Aperture Radars (SAR) are considered for their all-weather capacities to achieve target detection, recognition and even identification, in the frame of surveillance, targeting and guidance systems. This type of sophisticated radar can produce high quality images with very complex features such as dihedral and corner reflector high scattering contributors, shadows and lay over effects. Besides, image quality is very dependent on the carrier velocity and trajectory. The mechanisms that govern such sensor systems are so complex that simulation ins needed to assess their performance in a large variety of operational conditions. And the synthetic environment, which means physical target and its background (terrains, buildings, vegetation and other entities) rather than just the target itself, is very import for such sensors system simulation.