Our customers have chosen OKTAL-SE for pragmatic reasons that make our solution (SE-Workbench) a unique and universal tool in the sensor simulation world.

What makes us different?

  • OKTAL-SE can provide the whole software chain: From 3D synthetic environment creation to sensor simulation
  • SE-Workbench provides both Real Time and offline high fidelity rendering. So the user can quantify accurately the approximation underlying the real-time approach
  • SE-Workbench is a multi-domain product: the same synthetic environment is used to address visible, infrared, radar and GNSS fields
  • OKTAL-SE products have been officially used and validated in the frame of operational missiles and weapon systems programs (MBDA-SCALP, MBDA-ANL…)
  • OKTAL-SE provides a validation dossier: full documentation and data that enables the user to replay the validation dossier
  • As software editor OKTAL-SE has a complete control over the software evolution and over the integration of third-party products
  • All our software is openly described in terms of a phyical model. No black box in the OKTAL-SE offer!
  • OKTAL-SE has been working continuously for a long time with strategic players like the French MoD DGA (25 years), ONERA (25 years), MBDA (23 years), SAFRAN-SAGEM (18 years), foreign MoDs in EMEA…


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