Virtual mock-up


3D terrain database

Every sensor simulation starts from a 3D virtual mock-up and specific environment. Due to the extensive experience of OKTAL-SE in synthetic environment modelling, we are able to propose pre-defined 3D databases including all the information needed to perform multi-sensors simulation with SE-Workbench. Those databases provided in the SE-3D-DB package represent various typical and specific areas: desert, urban, country, sea and airport. All of them have been generated by SE-AGETIM. Then can be modified by the user and automatically regenerated by SE-AGETIM.



The Toulouse-Blagnac Airport with geo specific representation of the Zone Of Interest (ZOI) and geo-typical suburban (Blagnac city) area. The scene includes airport buildings & terminal, runways, lights, taxiways, aircrafts, vehicles.




A geo-typical sea area (South-East of France) with Cliffs, beaches, harbor, ships with wakes, waves with whitecaps, several ships (static & moving)




This database is geospecific and corresponds to a South West are in France. This country side zone includes: small urban area, highway, forests, lake, mountains…




This geospecific database represents the dense urban zone of Toulouse downtown. It includes high density buildings, traffic lights, detailed texture, network of roads,…




A geotypical 3D virtual mock-up of a desert area with cities, wrecks, tracks, palms, sparse vegetation asphalt road, rocky and scrubland zones, oasis,…


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3D Objects library

You need an airliner model, a truck or some buildings with all the material properties to ensure a realistic rendering in IR or RF domains? Look at our object library and order the 3D models you want to enhance your simulation.

Example: Airbus A301 airliner