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SE-Workbench: multi-sensor physical simulation

The SE-Workbench is an efficient and professional workshop for Synthetic Environment data modeling and exploitation for studies or training simulation. The SE-Workbench provides all the simulation services of the perception of passive (EO) and active electro-optic (AEO) sensors (EO stands for visible, infrared and intensification of light – AEO stands for laser systems), radio-frequency sensors (RF stands for radar) and GNSS (GNSS stands for Global Navigation Satellite System) in a complex synthetic environment. Besides the packaged EDITIONS, the SE-Workbench solutions are made up of individual tools, enabling a modular approach for customer integration.


The software catalogue of the SE-Workbench solutions, are presented in several Editions:


Third party packages

OKTAL-SE and its partners propose also end-user applications :


  • vieWTerra Sensors

OKTAL-SE and VWORLD propose an innovative technology to provide you with 4D real-time Earth viewer  including infrared sensor rendering. For any question regarding this offer:



Since 2013, the Canadian company Tactical Technologies Inc. (TTI) and OKTAL-SE have started a technical and strategic partnership in view to couple their technological bricks and to provide customers with enhanced modelling and simulation tools for electronic attack and protection development. This fruitful collaboration produced the release of a new product ASM(IR)+ for “Anti-Ship Missile  Imaging Infrared Homing [embeds IR Synthetic Environment powered by OKTAL-SE]”. For any question regarding this offer:


  • EMF-Visual

Electromagnetic exposure simulation software. EMF Visual is a prediction, analysis and communication tool, which can accurately simulate exposure within a few hundred meters of the antennas while taking into account its environment.

Users profile: Broadcast, PMR and mobile phone operators and installers, cities, public agencies, regulatory and certification bodies

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