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OKTAL-SE proposes ready-to-use 3D virtual databases: Each sensor simulation starts out from a 3D virtual mock-up. Thanks to the extensive experience of OKTAL-SE in synthetic environment modelling, we are able to propose pre-defined 3D databases including all the information needed to perform multi-sensors simulation with SE-Workbench. These databases provided in the SE-3D-DB package represent various


3D scenes modeling The creation of 3D virtual mock-up is a key feature of the global simulation process. 3D virtual mock-up can be modeled either automatically or manually. For automatic modeling, OKTAL-SE provides you with dedicated terrain modeling tools that convert 2D geographical data into 3D geometry and automatically associates physical attributes for EO and


Scenario edition for Synthetic Environment definition: The Synthetic Environment is the core of the sensor rendering process. It includes the complete description of the environment in terms of: Geometry Physical properties of materials Atmospheric and thermal conditions Mobile and instanced objects Special events during simulation (flares, explosion,…) Trajectories Scripted animation Sensor characteristics Products : SE-SCENARIO


RF Sensor Physical Rendering : OKTAL-SE has developed with French ONERA labs support, an asymptotic EM kernel combining Geometrical Optics and Physical Optics for surfaces and edges, for EM high frequencies domain. This validated approach allows to address various applications such as RCS, ISAR, RBGM and SAR. Products : SE-RAY-EM SE-RAY-EM takes advantage of the


RF Sensor Real-Time Rendering : Using the fully validated asymptotic electromagnetic developed by OKTAL-SE and French ONERA labs, taking advantage of recent improvements in the field of 3D graphics (General Purpose GPU ray tracing), provided some simplifications of algorithms, it is now possible to compute real-time RF signals within a complex 3D scene. Products :


Materials physical properties edition: Whatever the domain (EO or RF), the spectral definition of material is a key feature of the physical rendering. OKTAL-SE proposes an efficient solution to define and assign physical materials to each element of the 3D virtual mock up. Products: SE-PHYSICAL-EDITOR This tool uses texture to map physical attributes on to


Satellite multipath propagation simulation: The propagation of GNSS signals in constrained environments is disrupted by two intrinsic phenomena: the presence of obstacles and the interaction between the signal and the environment. The OKTAL-SE solution simulates those phenomena by calculating accurately the propagation of a GNSS signal in a 3D virtual scene in a real-time mode.


Physical EO Sensor rendering : The full EO sensor rendering tool developed by OKTAL-SE relies on a Ray-Tracing kernel combined with a complete physical modeling. A wide range of experimental campaigns have been carried out by scientific partners and prestigious customers (French MoD, MBDA,…) to validate this reference solution. Products : SE-RAY-IR SE-RAY-IR is a


Real-Time EO Sensor rendering : Computing sensor rendering image in a real-time mode is required for a wide range of application. The strength of the OKTAL-SE solution relies on the combination of both high performance rate and compliance with fully validated EO rendering. Products : SE-FAST-IR SE-FAST-IR: Thanks to thermal and radiative preprocessing, SE-FAST-IR computes


Atmospheric & thermal modeling : The radiance of a material seen by an infrared sensor highly depends on the surrounding atmosphere. This characterization requires a wide set of data, managed through a single interface to get the relevant information for both thermal and radiative effects. Products : SE-ATMOSPHERE This tool takes into account the atmospheric

EM field

Electromagnetic field interaction, propagation and cartography: OKTAL-SE has developed with French ONERA support, an asymptotic EM kernel combining Geometrical Optics and Physical Optics for surfaces and edges, for EM high frequencies domain. This kernel has been customized for several applications such as EM cartography with multiple reception points, Electro Magnetic Compatibility and Antenna coupling. Products


Special Effects : Increasing the realism of 3D scene rendering requires the simulation of complex phenomena such as clouds, flares, lights, sea wakes… Dedicated add-ons can be plugged on our packaged solutions to enhance their capabilities with respect to your specific needs. Examples of additional features : Sea modeling Wakes Foam Clouds layers 3D clouds


Physical Laser Sensor Rendering : The Active Domain part of SE-Workbench software applies to laser simulation. It takes into account a laser source illuminating a 3D scene and a passive observing infrared camera. SE-WORKBENCH-AEO takes advantage of SE-WORKBENCH-EO and SE-WORKBENCH-RF approaches. It is possible to simulate the range gating capacities of the system. See our